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Why Should I Choose to Work with an Insurance Broker?

Dear friends!

It has been a while since the last entry and it seemed like the blog is long forgotten.

However, today I am glad to tell you that we are back and would like to share some tips on who an Insurance Broker is and how you can benefit from his or her service!

Perks of working with an Insurance Broker

If you are wondering who an Insurance Broker is and why it is easier to purchase your medical insurance plan with such person, you have come to the right place!

Who is an Insurance Broker?

For those, who are not familiar with such term - an Insurance Broker is a licensed insurance expert, who is usually working with several insurance companies as he or she always has to offer a vast variety of different medical plans.

It is important to note that an Insurance Broker is not an Insurance Agent. The difference between these two similar definitions is simple. An Insurance Broker is an independent professional, who is allowed to distribute the products of numerous insurance providers, whereas an Insurance Agent is only able to represent a single company that he or she works for.

Why is it better to choose your medical plan with an Insurance Broker?

Still not sure which one of those to work with? An independent Insurance Broker can save your money as well as your precious time by helping to choose an affordable medical insurance plan that will suit your specific needs. The more options you have, the greater the chance to get the best coverage at a lowest rate.

You may also ask about different medical insurance products as brokers have all this information at their fingertips and will be glad to share it with you.

Another perk of using the services of an Insurance Broker is that he or she will be working with you for good. If you have any questions regarding your current medical coverage or would like to cancel the policy, you do not have to do it on your own if you were working with an Insurance Agent. An Insurance Broker will do it for you and will make the process as smooth as possible.

Why don’t you give it a try?

At Arbetov Insurance, we are motivated to help our clients choose an insurance coverage that will be ideal for their budget and needs. It is an individual matter of which health plan to offer to a certain person as everyone is different and the medical coverage they need cannot be the same either.

We are working with the most trustworthy Canadian insurance companies such as Manulife, Blue Cross, AIG and Travel Underwriters among other big names. It gives us a great opportunity to find a plan that is designed just for you.

With Arbetov Insurance you can avoid the risks of being left on your own if you have a medical emergency and you do not know what to do. Our team will ensure that you are safe and sound if it happens to be claim. We have been proudly serving our clients for years doing our best to provide the services you deserve!
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Greetings From Arbetov Insurance Team

The team of Arbetov Insurance wishes you happy holidays.
The Arbetov Insurance team
Wishes to achieve your dream,
To make you mortgage free
And unite your family!
We are glad to serve you in all you and your family medical insurance needs. It can be Super Visa Medical Insurance, Travel to Canada Medical Emergency Insurance, visitors to Canada Insurance, Travel Insurance, Insurance for new immigrants and returning Canadians. Our company provides online medical insurance coverage from 10 different Canadian insurance companies. Our experienced employees help you to choose and buy most convenient for you insurance plan.
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3 Easy Steps on How to Find the Right Insurance for Super Visa

Finding the right insurance broker is the first step toward fulfilling Canadian Super Visa Requirements Howeverver, this is easier said than done. For someone who is not familiar to the insurance industry, or someone who lives in another country, finding a reputable and reliable agent can be a very daunting task. Thus, in this article, let us help you find the insurance agency that’s right for you.

First, know what you want.

Before checking out the listings of insurance brokers in town, you will need to understand more about what Super Visa insurance is and how it fits in the bigger picture. While Citizenship and Immigration Canada has a clear-cut set of standards for Super Visa insurance policies, your needs may require you to get a better policy, such as one that offers partial refunds or one that provides greater coverage.

In this light, create a checklist of the things that you want present in your prospective policy. Remember, however, that not everything is set in stone. That is, consider this checklist as a rough guide when you start looking, since different insurance brokers may offer different types of insurance plans, some of which may not be relevant to your needs.

Second, find one that offers a range of options.

As soon as you’ve made up a list of things that you want for your Super Visa Insurance relate another list of brokers that offer it. Afterwards, choose the ones that offer plans from more than just one insurance company. This gives you the assurance that they will not sugarcoat any particular insurance company just to make a sale.

Remember that brokers do not provide the insurance plans themselves. Instead, they are there to help you choose the best from a dizzying array of insurance companies that offer yet another dizzying array of plans. To someone who is not very familiar with insurance jargon, brokers can be a gift from heaven.

Third, know more about what people think of them.

The next and last step would read more about the opinion of your prospective broker’s former clients on them. A simple google search of active online discussions is a good way to start. Just use the broker’s name as a search term, and then click Google’s “discussions” tab to see conversations about the company.

With the right insurance broker, you can have invaluable peace of mind, with the knowledge that you or your loved one will be given the proper care and attention, no matter what.

At  Arbetov Insurance we strive to provide our clients with the best customer service and are comitted to finding you the best rates for all your insurance needs. We specialize in Super Visa and have 9 companies to choose from when choosing a quote for you. Whether you are looking for the lowest price or the most coverage we are experts in this field and would love to explain and tell you about every single plan and company we sell.

For more information give us a call at 1-877-211-4301 or send an email to
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Three Great Tips on How to Avoid Problems with Super Visa Applications

Applying for a Canadian Super Visa is easy. However, there are still many applicants who encounter a lot problems while in the process of doing it. In this article, let us give your three great tips on how to make sure that you won’t get headaches along the way.

First, if you can do it yourself, do it.

Canadian Super Visa application s written in plain language and is quite straightforward, that’s why you will probably be able to fill it out on your own. Moreover, there are countless resources online where you can learn more about the nitty gritty details regarding pretty much everything related to your application. This way, you can be sure that you can be sure that everything goes according to plan.

However, should you need to ask assistance from an immigration consulting agency, try to look around before picking any particular company. Compare their rates and make sure that they really are knowledgeable about what they do. This way, you can avoid complications arising from erroneously prepared applications.

Second, don’t forget to be honest and realistic.

As they say, honesty is the best policy. Try to fill out application forms to best of your knowledge, and answer the interviewer truthfully. Remember, it is not uncommon for visa offices to conduct background checks on their applicants, so they will probably found out inconsistencies, should there be any.

Moreover, we need to understand that visa applications are on a case-to-case basis. That is, it make take a shorter or longer amount of time before your visa is completely processed. This may be because of staffing issues in the visa office, or maybe because you will need to submit some other document to support your application.

Third, carefully choose the right type of insurance.

Lastly, choosing the right kind of  health insurance is essential. Not only is it required in Super Visa applications, it is also important in making sure that you will be given the best care in Canada no matter what happens.

It is a known fact that paying unsubsidized medical bills in Canada is no walk in the park, so it’s better to take out a policy that does not only meet the basic requirements, but is also responsive to your foreseeable needs. There are several insurance companies that provide a wide variety Super Visa insurance plans. Ask your insurance broker about them.

With these three awesome tips, you’ll be sure that your Super Visa application is right on track!

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Everything You Need to Know About Super Visa

Super Visa Medical Insurance

The new Super Visa has been announced 4 months ago and many Canadians have jumped on the opportunity to invite their parents or grandparents from overseas to come visit them in Canada and stay for up to 2 years. The Government of Canada estimates that the time to process Super Visa is about 8 weeks, unlike the previous sponsorship applications, which took 6 years or longer. Also, unlike the regular visitor’s visa, parents of permanent residents and Canadian citizens receive a 10 year visa and can remain in Canada for up to 2 years at a time, without the need to renew and undergo medical tests every time.

Still many are unsure how to apply for the Super Visa for their parents and if they are qualified. In this article, we will try to shed some light and answer some of the common questions about the Super Visa process.

1. How to apply?
In order to apply for the parents and grandparent Super Visa you will need to submit the Application for a Temporary Resident Visa Made Outside of Canada [IMM5257] to a visa office and provide documents to support your application. You may request a multiple-entry visa for up to ten years if you submit the applicable fees along with the application.

2. Where can I find the correct visa office for my country?
You can find the list by clicking here.

3. What documents must be included with the application for the Super Visa?
Here is the list of the required documents:
• A valid travel document (such as a passport).
• Two recent passport photographs of each family member are required. Make sure these photographs meet the requirements.
• Enclose the application fee, unless you are from a visa-exempt country. Your fee will not be refunded, even if your application is not accepted.
• You must provide proof that your parents/grandparents have enough money for their visit to Canada.
• Evidence of the parent or grandparent relationship to the Canadian citizen or permanent resident they wish to visit
• A letter of invitation from the child or grandchild that includes arrangements for care and support and indicates the number of people residing in their household in Canada (mandatory);
• Proof from you that you and your family meet the Low Income Cut-Off (LICO)
• Proof that you have a private medical insurance valid for a minimum of one year from a Canadian insurance company and that:

  • Covers health care, hospitalization and repatriation;

  • Provides a minimum coverage of $100,000; and

  • Is valid for each entry to Canada and available for review by a port of entry officer.

4.What are the fees to apply for the Super Visa?
The fee is $150 per person for a multi entry visa and $75 for a single entry visa. These fees are not refundable, even if the visa is refused.

5. Do my parents need to undergo a medical examination?
Yes, in order to apply for the Super Visa, they are required to undergo a medical examination. Your visa office will provide you with instructions and a form with your assigned number before you see a designated medical practitioner. Unfortunately, your family doctor cannot do the medical examination.

6. What kind of medical insurance are we required to get for the parents?
In order to apply for the Super Visa, you are required to buy medical insurance, from a private Canadian insurance company that will cover health care, hospitalization and repatriation. The insurance has to be valid for one year and provide a coverage of at least $100, 000.

7. What if the Super Visa gets refused or they stay in Canada less than one year, are we entitled to a refund?
In case the Super Visa gets refused, you can get a full refund from the insurance company. Super Visa insurance office can help you with getting your refund, if you provide us with the copy of the refusal letter.
-If your parents stay in Canada less than one year, you can ask for a refund for the remaining time, assuming there were no claims on file. Some insurance companies charge fees for cancellations, while others do not.

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New Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents

Buy Super Visa Medical Insurance
Canada introduces parent and grandparent Super Visa

On December 1, 2011, the Canadian Government introduced Super Visa, a multiple entry visa for up to 10 years, that enables parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents to visit their family in Canada and stay for up to two years, without the need to renew their status.  

One of the main requirements to apply for a Super Visa is a proof of private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company for at least one year. The visitor needs to prove his ties to the home country and explain his purpose for the visit. The government of Canada also requires an invitation letter from a Canadian host.

In addition, the parent or grandparent must provide a written commitment of financial support from their child or grandchild in Canada who meets a minimum income threshold and complete an Immigration Medical Examination.
Unlike with sponsorship applications, the processing time for the Super Visa will be approximately eight weeks, which will allow families to be reunited with their loved ones in Canada much sooner.

To be accepted, the visitors will be required to have Super Visa Medical Insurance coverage  during their stay in Canada

The coverage must:

  • Purchased from a Canadian Insurance company

  • Be valid for a minimum of one year

  • Provide a minimum coverage of $100,000

  • Cover health care, hospitalization and repatriation

  • Be valid for each entry to Canada and available for review by a port of entry officer

We offer our clients an affordable, flexible, convenient protection that meets the Super Visa requirements.

Important information:

*Medical Insurance protects you from unreasonable financial losses in Canada, due to a medical emergency
*If your Super Visa was declined, you can get a refund from the insurance company
*If your parents or grandparents need to leave Canada earlier, you will need to send a copy of the flight tickets to get a refund
*If you purchased Super Visa Insurance and need to postpone the trip for a few weeks, the insurance dates can be adjusted as well.
*If you want to lower your payment, the best way is to increase the deductible

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What Life is Insurance?

Life insurance is a very complicated insurance product to protect the family in case of the death of breadwinner and to protect the business owner in case of death of his key employee or strategic partner. This is also the way to transfer the wealth from one generation to another.

Life insurance covers family bills

There are different types of life insurance policies. Term Life is the cheapest kind of life insurance policy. There are different types of term life such as: Term 5, Term 10, Term 15, Term 20, Term to 65, and Term to 100.

As usual, when you buy a group insurance policy, you are choosing Term 5 over another kind of term 5 policy. The price is going to change when you turn a certain age. The term to 100 is the most expensive among the term policies but it can help a lot in Estate Planning.

Life insurance is more important than critical illness insurance because nobody knows if somebody has critical sickness, but everybody will die for sure sooner or later.

Permanent Life insurance policy can help you keep money inside the policy and cover insurance premium in case you are not able to pay (provided you have enough funds inside the policy ). Different types of policies can help you in different ways. An expirienced life insurance agent can help you choose the policy thats right to cover your insurance needs.

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